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Meet Mitzi

Meet Mitzi

If you have not yet visited our store, we've a treat for you in addition to the gorgeous jewellery.

As you approach the entrance, there is every chance you will be greeted by Mitzi, our West Highland terrier, a much-loved character in the area.

If, however, it is a sunny day, she may be sunbathing in the middle of the paved alley, oblivious to pedestrians, prams and pushbikes, or in the doorway of the shop, so take care not to trip over her as she will not move for anyone.

Though getting on in years now, Mitzi is still mischievous and very inquisitive.. When she knows we are busy serving customers, she sneaks off to Alianti's nearby coffee store to sniff under the outside tables for crumbs and to encourage adoring strokes from patrons.

We're keeping our fingers crossed she doesn't smell the lovely pastry that Jaime Oliver's newly opened Trattoria displays in the window every morning for breakfast. She would be over there in a flash ... well, perhaps more like a slow wiggle on her little short legs as is appropriate for a doggie in her prime.